On Weidstrasse in Rüschlikon, a sculptural clinker building emerges from the intimate dialogue with a protected hundred-year-old maple, which in interaction with the tree spans a unique, atmospheric outdoor space.

The deciduous tree is incorporated into the design process as an objet trouvé and form-giving actor: The design begins with a simple cube, which is placed on the site slightly displaced from the central axis. Following the protective radius of the tree crown, the cube is then bent at one corner so that a garden space can unfold between the tree and the building. Following the building regulations, the roof edges are also folded, so that the building appears as a crystalline, sculptural monolith. This motif is further deepened in the facade, which, as a type of echo of the surface of the tree bark, is made of vertically running clinker brick in offset relief.

Subtle differences are introduced: On the laterally projecting bays, the clinker layers turn out smooth; on the more private window openings of the perforated facade, they interpolate the homogeneous facade image as smooth, horizontal fields to a homogeneous appearance, which is crowned on the side facing the tree by a ennobling round window. Facing the lake, the building is completely opened on the gable side with large windows that act as a transparent link between the light-flooded living spaces and the adjoining facade-wide balconies. The luxurious apartments are staggered in volume as a mix of different attic types, so that generous outdoor areas, lake views and more private living areas can be combined into convincing floor plans of the highest standard for all types.

In order not to break up the sculptural form of the building and to be able to regulate the intimacy of the living spaces, the facade is designed as a type of wooden filter with filigree wooden elements, some of which can be slid, which echo the verticality of the clinker.

Nikolaus Hamburger

The One Parkside Residences, Rüschlikon

Location: Weidstrasse 34, 8803 Rüschlikon
Residential units: 4 units
Property type: Condomium ownership
Apartment sizes: 4.5–7.5 rooms / 153–244 m²
Status: Under construction
Occupancy date: Mid 2024
Client: HDPF Holding
Architecture: HDPF
Sales: Engel & Völkers, Thalwil

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