A crystalline structure rises from the steep site, just a few minute's walk from the Kilchberg section of Lake Zurich, and rises from the site like an iceberg.

The volume rises, flanked by small bay windows and garden niches, which create carefully articulated spaces between the building and the landscape. The sculptural building is encased in a fine ceramic shell, which, in conjunction with the weightless glass balustrades and the delicate, dark metal work, elicits a light, graceful Mediterranean-inspired sculptural quality from the volume. The garage entrance and entrance to the three apartments above are embedded in the base, which is discreetly set off by a floating glass band. The glass balustrades are visually discreet and are crowned with a fine metal band, so that they not only offer clear views from the interior and show off the building as a whole, but also ensure optimized sound insulation for the luxurious apartments. The access takes place via a central, rounded staircase core, which creates a three-dimensional spatial experience, whereby the surrounding room circulation is optimized.

On the garden level, living and sleeping rooms are lifted out of the terrain where, in the interplay of view and garden, they create a complex spatial fabric between inside and outside. A second spatial hemisphere is built in the belly of the building, offering a range of additional programs such as wellness, hobby rooms and wine storage. The ground floor above is organized in a similar way, with a lateral orientation of the terraces and the green outdoor spaces enabling the living spaces and bedrooms to be lined up along the intimately articulated outdoor space worlds. At the top, a two-story attic apartment is being built, which now protrudes completely free-standing from the site. On the lower floor there are bedrooms facing different directions, bathrooms and an office with a garden connection. On the upper floor there is a flowing room with a kitchen-living room, dining room and living room facing the view, which is surrounded by three large terraces.

29 Prime Residences, Kilchberg

Location: Hornhaldenstrasse 29, 8802 Kilchberg
Residential units: 3 units
Property type: Condominium ownership
Apartment sizes: 5.5–6.5 rooms / 205–270 m²
Status: In planning
Occupancy date: 2025
Client: Private
Architecture: HDPF
Sales: Engel & Völkers, Thalwil

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