The building emerges from the central setting of an orthogonal structure, which is warped along the internal access by a tectonic shift towards the street.

The bending opens up the facades to the east and west and better interlocks them with the green space. While the apartments are thus enriched by better orientation, the slight polytonality of the apartments helps to create elegant and lively living spaces with interesting perspectives. Seating areas and balconies on the upper floors, which are moved to the corners of the building, give a lightness to the compact building and, thanks to the special disposition, gain distance from the neighbors, while at the same time being able to enter into richer relationships with the surroundings.

Circumferential plaster fields, which incorporate the accentuated balcony frontages into the façade composition, give the building a unifying textile quality. The deliberate breaking up of the floor plates via tectonic elements at the windows gives the facade a subtle depth. The champagne-colored blinds and aluminum windows with ventilation sashes are discreetly set behind the grayish facade, which underscores the calm overall composition.

The project on Zollikerstrasse replaces an existing building with a new one with a more efficient volume, which on the one hand turns out to be lower and on the other hand can offer more living space.

Eric Tuscher

Z127, Zollikon

Location: Zolliker Strasse 127, 8702 Zollikon
Residential units: 8 units
Property type: Condomium ownership
Apartment sizes: 3.5–5.5 rooms / 91–130 m²
Status: Under construction
Occupancy date: Spring 2023
Client: XANIA
Architecture: HDPF
Sales: WALDE

All units have been sold.

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