The apartment building in Seebach frames the existing corner park in the neighborhood and gives it a subtle face through its tangential setting.

The exterior design takes up the planting types of the park and integrates the new building into the park design with a naturalness through a series of rounded hedge bands and flagstone paths. The existing plantings is protected and preserved during the construction phase. The slight slope is accounted for in the facade with stepping framed plaster fields. This gesture is combined with the roofscape and the deliberate placement of the roof hatches as vertical caesurae in interaction with the window bands to form a compositional whole.

The architects conceive the building as a head building with a slender annex, which is placed against the park and Stoffelstrasse. The annex is fanned out to the east and interlocked with the landscape, with a small courtyard niche in between. Inside, this gesture creates an interesting series of living niches and rich external relations. The apartments, cleverly organized around two access cores, all receive daylight in three wind directions and spacious living rooms, which are made possible by efficient organization of the functional spaces in the core.

The stepped roofscape probives the top-floor apartments with extensive individual roof terraces with plenty of privacy while giving the structure as a whole a grain that is typical of the neighborhood.

Nikolaus Hamburger

Bühlwiesenpark, Zurich

Location: Bühlwiesenstrasse 15 / Stoffelstrasse 8, 8052 Zurich
Residential units: 18 units
Property type: Condomium ownership
Apartment sizes: 2.5–4.5 rooms / 51–113 m²
Status: In planning
Occupancy date: Summer 2024
Client: HDPF Holding
Architecture: HDPF
Sales: Kuoni Müller & Partner Residential AG

All units have been sold.

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