On the wedge-shaped site in Thalwil, an ensemble of two previously realized HDPF projects is completed to form an urban trio. The building rises centrally from the slightly sloping terrain and is fanned out towards the south and a view of the Alps.

The volume is dynamically broken up by the addition of balconies and winter gardens at the corners of the building, thus offering the interior spaces various new views. The building is homogeneously framed in horizontal clinker, which is formulated with various design themes: The floor slabs are discreetly delineated via roll layers, and the continuations of the glass parapets – which are finished with a sheet of metal – are drawn around the building as a clear line through a protruding stone. The smaller windows of the more private bedrooms are additionally faced by recessed plaster panels in the same color.

The attic, which is moved to the slope side and is marked by a vertically reliefed clinker layer, uses its ground plan geometry to open up towards the lake and ends in a spectacular terrace. The garden apartments each have their own outdoor areas, whereby the larger of the two, in addition to the directly connected outdoor areas, has a free-standing seating area with pergola at the tip of the plot. The floor plans are developed orthogonally from the facades, allowing for clear organization of private living spaces, efficient placement of functional infrastructures, and increasingly open and flowing spatial relationships in the center and toward the view.

The attic, which is moved to the slope side and delineated by a vertically reliefed clinker layer, takes advantage of the floor plan geometry to open towards the lake and ends in a spectacular terrace.

Nikolaus Hamburger

SUR, Thalwil

Location: Lärchenstrasse 3, 8800 Thalwil
Residential units: 4 units
Property type: Condomium ownership
Apartment sizes: 2.5–4.5 rooms / 83–127 m²
Status: Under construction
Occupancy date: Spring 2024
Client: Private
Architecture: HDPF
Sales: WALDE

All units have been sold.

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