The two rectangular structures are set at ninety degrees to each other in the plot and are detailed as two individual buildings with a shared underground garage through a clever play with extra-length additions and distances.

The volumes are broken up by balconies, which form a pinwheel motif in the ground plan, and articulate individual outdoor space relationships for each apartment. The facade is horizontally structured by sculptural formulations of the floor slabs with light grooved plaster and accentuated by discreet thin sheet metal terminations. The bands jump to different parapet heights and thus also create a differentiated sense of space in the interior, which spans as a sequence between living space, loggia and balcony.

The floor-to-ceiling facade elements in between are slightly recessed and kept in a coarser two-layered tonally close plaster, which in interaction with the darker window frames distinguishes the facade surfaces. The stairwell invites visitors into the building with precise concrete surfaces over light terrazzo stairs. The regular floors are designed as two-part buildings and captivate with the living and dining rooms fluidly arranged around a sunroom, which are interwoven by a kitchen element with reference to the outside.

The living spaces benefit from open, three-sided facade connections and generous outdoor spaces, while bedrooms and more private spaces are more enclosed, articulated around the stair core with intentional outdoor references, creating a calm privacy.

Francisco Ferrandiz

Unique, Thalwil

Location: Lärchenstrasse 6a+b, 8800 Thalwil
Residential units: 12 units
Property type: Stockwerkeigentum
Apartment sizes: 3.5–4.5 rooms / 101–181 m²
Status: Realized
Occupancy date: 2019
Client: Private
Architecture: HDPF

All units have been sold.

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