The slender, vertical construction rises from the sloping terrain, converging towards a point in the direction of the lake, which ends in a balcony.

On the slope side, the volume is extended by a smaller, shearing body that contains the entrance to the car lift. The building is accessed through the resulting incision in the building mass and locates the entrance area volumetrically.

The apartments, laid out per floor, are organized by a corridor with adjacent functional layers on both sides.

The spatial experience culminates, as can be discerned from the outside, in the living area, which faces the lake with an expansive view and flows into a balcony.

Nikolaus Hamburger

Zimbergen, Thalwil

Location: Wannenstrasse 18, 8800 Thalwil
Residential units: 5 units
Property type: Condomium ownership
Apartment sizes: 4.5–5.5 rooms / 124–145 m²
Status: Realized
Occupancy date: 2017
Client: Private
Architecture: HDPF

All units have been sold.

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