The building is located on a plot enclosed by traditional basalt stone walls, on a peninsula with a dry and warm microclimate, on the south coast of the Azores island of São Miguel.

The existing building, which is set in an oasis of exotic plants, is carefully renovated and slightly simplified in its material appearance to express the physicality of the structure. The one-story building is juxtaposed with a smaller two-story new building, which in its borrowed materialization like a sculptural element creates a unified ensemble, which thus develops the courage to abstract the idea of a house as a sculptural overall form. A floating basalt roof resting on a single support is inserted between the two parts of the building. This creates a flowing open space that interweaves new and old and blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, civilization and wilderness, rough volcanic landscapes and smooth tactile surfaces via its transparent glass frame.

The openings on the two-story building are taken proportionally from the old structure and framed in a graphic-looking basalt stone. On the upper floor, which faces the sea through a circular window, a flexible studio space is created – while below, a bedroom with an intimate view of the exotic garden is realized as a hermetic retreat. The floor plan of the old building is broken up so that an open structure of cooking, dining and living atmosphere can unfold. The adjoining bedrooms are filtered through slight caesurae by walk-in dressing rooms and withdrawn from the open living program.

Three basalt steps leading from the open living room into the landscape provide access to a pool that is ensnared by the charming wilderness and, gently framed by the surrounding basalt walls, invites you to cool off.

Sofia Bradford

Cerco 13, Caloura

Location: Rua do Cerco 13, Caloura, Portugal
Residential units: 1 unit
Property type: Villa
Apartment sizes: 5.5 rooms / 274 m²
Status: Under construction
Occupancy date: 2023
Client: Private
Architecture: HDPF

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