New construction apartment building

The Rosengarten residential building was erected in the green courtyard of an incomplete block perimeter from the late 19th century to strongly densify the quarter behind the Wipkingen school building. The compact building fans out towards the south, thereby giving its volume a scale that is compatible with the quarter, while also providing targeted views and framed balconies for the apartments. To the north, projections and recesses create a new courtyard situation together with the existing structures, including the very small buildings within them. The room-high windows highlight the sculptural character of the overall volume, while the relief-like plaster façade picks up on the colour and structure of the coarse plaster of the Wipkingen church opposite. On each floor, five apartments are organised around functional cores that are surrounded by spatial sequences. Sliding doors and concentrated, spatially structuring elements are used to free the façades in the living space, creating a criterion of quality for its spatial expression, together with targeted views.

Rosengartenstrasse · Zurich, Switzerland · 2015-2017

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