Rayiwayi Upenyu Design Academy
New-build of an undergraduate and graduate design school

A school campus was to be built close to Norton with the aim of providing quality education for young people in Zimbabwe who, as a result of poverty, would not otherwise have access to such facilities. A network of artists, musicians, architects, educational experts and volunteers all lent their energies to fundraising for the Rayiwayi Upenyu School. The school was specifically intended to fit in with the family structures and everyday roles of students living in poverty. It provides an optimized school program, taking primary school children from age eight and guiding them through to university entrance at the age of twenty. In accordance with this concept, individual classrooms are arranged into a campus of larger, multi-functional buildings. Each building features an inner courtyard for outdoor teaching. Inspired by the traditional local building culture, the buildings were constructed of locally fabricated clay bricks under a thatched roof. Each of the stretchers serves to transfer loads. Cobblestones inserted between them were arranged in an ornamental pattern in cooperation with local Ndebele artisans.

  • Location: Norton, Zimbabwe
  • Client: IG Rayiwayi Upenyu Design Academy
  • Planning: 2012–2013
  • Cubature: -
    Building costs: -
    Digital fabrication: ROK - Rippmann Oesterle Knauss GmbH
    Status: Ongoing

Rayiwayi Upenyu Design Academy · Norton, Zimbabwe · 2012–2013

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Rayiwayi Upenyu Design Academy