Meister House
New-build single-family house

The monolithic, closed house, which seems to swallow up every architectural detail, is placed as an autistic and yet familiar free-standing building in a neighbourhood of single-family homes. The façade’s interplay of blind and full-size windows echoes the everyday contour and grain of Central Switzerland in its material translation. The design of the surroundings is derived from the same approach and consists of reused elements of the location’s previous building. The balcony element is placed in front of the building as an autonomous, hot-tip galvanized steel structure, highlighting the monolithic basic volume, while its upper storey is rotated on its axis by 8 centimetres, which is only visible on closer inspection. The appearance of the building recalls the sculptural work of Rachel Whiteread in its formally native quality. A differentiated material world is presented inside, consisting of lime sandstone masonry and concrete that has been sand-blasted and glazed to bind the surfaces together into a coherent overall experience. Instead of technical details, the user was presented with different haptic qualities. The focus therefore lies on a range of spatial experiences that have taken shape, such as the hovering staircase that is positioned between the two lime sandstone walls, with its last step framed in anhydrite, thereby merging with the spatial elements. The integration of the blind casing into the façade was seen as an opportunity to contribute to the overall architectural expression: a complex process of setting delay, sand-blasting and hammering was used to make it visible like a tectonic x-ray image.

Meister House · Rümlang, Switzerland · 2010–2012

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Meister House