Hohliecht House
Detached house

Situated at a bend in the River Findelbach in Zermatt, the building follows the line of the river and the slope behind it. The fold in the façade creates a framed exterior space on the slope side, providing access to the building there, while allowing diverse views on the river side. Due to its limited depth, the narrow volume is conceived as a timber construction – the entire design has the character of wooden furniture. Three displaced spatial modules are accommodated on each floor, forming an interconnected and yet diversely experienced spatial world with the unifying reminiscence of a chalet. Like the bedroom, the kitchen and dining rooms can be combined using sliding elements, thereby allowing different levels of privacy. With a kind of child-like simplicity, each room offers a targeted view through precisely placed and habitable windows: towards the stream and into the Lerchenwald, towards the village on the slope or towards the Matterhorn. The building is integrated into its surroundings through its flamed wooden façade that reflects the grooved surfaces of the evergreen trees.

  • Location: Zermatt, Switzerland
  • Client: Private client
  • Planning: 2010–2012
  • Cubature: 750 m3 SIA 416
    Building costs: CHF 1.0 Mio.
    Status: Project study

Hohliecht House · Zermatt, Switzerland · 2010–2012

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Hohliecht House