Multi-family house Binzacker
New-build multi-family house

The Binzacker building is a kind of small tower that adds vertical accentuation, while also forming the beginning of the adjoining industrial quarter, which is currently experiencing a period of transition. Through different relationships with its constructed environment, the building achieves an identity-building local reference and adds a unifying coherence to the heterogeneous neighbourhood. The building is slightly rotated away from the street, thereby forming an ensemble with the semidetached houses from the 1950s. The mint green coloured concrete elements of the balconies quote the opposite industrial building with its monolithically projecting flat roof, giving the vertical building an elegant lightness. It becomes a kind of translation as plastered sections that smoothly connect to the balcony are continued in the façade, giving the building its independent elegance in a series of architectural formulations. The sequence of design measures achieves its climax in the doubly folded building corners that provide a high-quality conclusion to the simple façade areas. The project thereby derives its wealth from the realisation of consciously formulated design concepts, rather than its purely material opulence.

Multi-family house Binzacker · Wetzikon, Switzerland · 2013–2016

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2031 situationsplan 1000
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Multi-family house Binzacker