Alti Füürwehr
New residential and commercial building

In the heart of Herisau, a peaceful urban development is under construction only footsteps away from the old fruit market between the church and Kasernenstrasse. In terms of its grain and appearance, the clearly formulated mass of the beige clinker brick building picks up on the distant familiarity of the Appenzell shingle houses scattered through the city. The building is reserved and content to be simply a house. The coherent, introverted volume, which accommodated loggias and recesses in its stoic grid, mediates with its confident style between the programme and the surroundings. On the ground floor, the building opens towards the arcade and combines with the Gutenberg-Zentrum, which was also extended by HDPF, to form a public gateway to the city. This gives the location a subtle spatial clarity from the perspective of car drivers, while offering pedestrians a continuous, urban spatial experience. The planned catering use on the ground floor, which is orientated towards the arcade, forms a meeting zone between the residents of the senior citizens’ housing on the first floor and passers by on Kasernenstrasse – thereby fulfilling the social function of strengthening identification with the city centre.

Alti Füürwehr · Herisau, Switzerland · 2013–2017

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Alti Füürwehr