3rd place in the Zollhaus competition

HDPF achieved 3rd place in the open project competition for the Zollhaus residential and commercial building complex. The jury praised in particular the urban setting with its strong recognition effect.

Extract from the jury report: “The Babylon Project impresses through its stand-alone volumetric setting with a strong recognition effect. Like a ship lying tethered at the edge of the Gleismeer, the building blends into the town. The superordinate structure arranges itself in two constructions with an expressive, downgraded space on each storey. Although the building partially alters the vistas laid down in the design plan, this seems tolerable thanks to the omission of a third building. The ziggurat-like exterior space opens up wide views over the tracks for the existing residential areas of Zollstrasse and Ackerstrasse. This space – or the hanging gardens – is the core of the project. Spread over several levels, the exterior space would be actively lived and would serve as a meeting place and habitation for many people. The breakdown of the common exterior space into multiple locations is the strength of the project. While the terraces have a partially reinforced reference to individual units and are thereby individually animated, the roof is available to the community. The different levels are interconnected and can be accessed both via individual staircases and through a system of spiral stairs.”