Am Schmittenbach
New-build of three multi-family houses

 On the gently sloping site of a nursery, three polygonal buildings spread themselves in a loose ensemble. The distance from Schmittenbach in the west creates a generous, continuous garden area in front of the buildings. The two identical constructions to the southwest connect the adjacent cemetery grounds and the modest proportions of the village centre. A slightly larger building is sited facing the street to the north. The buildings are organized as compact two- and three-storey units, offering an optimal distribution of the 24 apartments. The majority of the apartments benefit from three façades. The plaster façades of the three buildings are decorated in slightly different shades of green. The base of each building is of coloured concrete. The staircases are highlighted in contrasting, dark purples. The corners of the buildings are resolved by loggias and garden seating areas with integrated outdoor cupboards. The use of just three types of window – French, half-height and lift-slide – creates a calm façade.

Am Schmittenbach · Stäfa, Switzerland · 2014–2017

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Am Schmittenbach