HDPF is led by two Partners – Nikolaus Hamburger and Francisco Ferrandiz.

The professional spectrum of HDPF extends from consulting and planning to realisation and construction management. The practice covers a wide range of architectural projects, including multi- and single-family houses, conversions, renovations of listed buildings, office buildings, commercial facilities and urban development tasks.

HDPF is member of the SIA Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects and the FSAI Swiss Federation of Independent Architects.

Mission statement

Thoughts and conversations

The following text is an account of a series of thoughts arising in conversations led by Nils Havelka and held at the office of HDPF in the winter of 2016.

When the HDPF partners talk about architecture, they talk about doing. Their way of thinking accords with their equally stoic and considerate actions. It seems to me that in their world-view, architecture is an immense field of diverse tasks and the sub-tasks they entail, which they must address with openness, curiosity and above all with respect, since they all contribute to the quality of the product. Instead of being an unfamiliar intellectual framework, this represents an infrastructure (Heidegger would have spoken of "Gestell" or "frame") that allows the architects to supervise the creative process in every way, in each of its constituent aspects and with complete focus. Their approach makes no distinction between the process and the product; the perfectly tidy model construction room, the excellent coffee, the well-rested designing architect, the select wooden-shell chairs, the beautiful handwriting, the well organised budget sheet - they all contribute their consciously created qualities to the process and ultimately to the building. Such organisation is designed and maintained in the same way as architecture itself. It blurs the distinction between the process and the product, thereby allowing the protagonists to discover new potential, sharpen ideas and also consciously use them in the future - sometimes in a way that can overcome the separation of professional occupations that has established itself since Modernism. In the case of the construction of the Meister house, the architects spent nights at the building site to learn the effect of treating the concrete's surface at first hand;

to create its haptic and visual qualities through hammering, grinding and sand-blasting, and then communicate that to the building manager, thereby achieving the project's incomparable spatial experience today. These holisitc methods reflect a far-reaching willingness to think and work one's way into new fields and achieve their synthesis; they are also particularly valuable at a time sustainability and urban sprawl, can only be spatially grasped in a fragmentary way since they are the result of a countless sum of autonomous actions and themes that affect the political and constructed landscape of Switzerland. Today, architects are assigned building tasks that are recruited from this complex carpet of the constructed environment. Whether large or small, urban or rural, monofunctional or complex: each task can create qualities specifically at its location and be applied to that location. A well-used property with a high level of design and building quality contributes to sustainability on account of its long life-cycle and density. Its careful expression creates identity and acceptance for dense development. Its placement is able to give the location a new spatial reference and spatial qualities. The high architectural aspirations are implemented not only with respect to the location, but also in connection with its qualities as a result of a continous synthesis of the complexities of contemporary building. The synthetic underlying approach of the office thereby guides the countless sub-processes through the economy of means to their ultimate formulation as constructed reality.

Founding partners

Nikolaus Hamburger
President of the Board of Directors · MSc ETH Arch SIA

Dario Pfammatter
Member of the Board of Directors · MSc ETH Arch SIA

Francisco Ferrandiz
Member of the Board of Directors · MSc Arch ZFH / ETSAV


nik img 5611

Nikolaus Hamburger
Partner · MSc ETH Arch SIA FSAI REG A

Nikolaus Hamburger studied at the ETH Zurich and the Technical University of Delft. He subsequently worked at Christian Kerez in Zurich and Waldburger Schawalder in Herisau until he founded this practice in 2011.

francisco img 5555

Francisco Ferrandiz
Partner · MSc Arch ZFH / ETSAV

Francisco Ferrandiz studied at the ETSAV Valencia and at ZHAW Winterthur. After periods at e2a architects, EM2N architects and Meier + Steinauer in Zurich, he became a partner of this practice in 2014.


amadeo img 5278

Amadeo Linke
Partner · MSc ETH Arch

Amadeo Linke graduated from ETH Zurich. After periods of time spent at renowned architectural practices in the Netherlands and Zurich, he joined HDPF in 2014 and took over the management of the competition department. Since 2016, he has been responsible for design as a member of the management team.

robert img 5971

Robert Rainer
Partner · Construction management

Robert Rainer is a trained master of metal engineering and has 16 years of work experience in construction management. He gained his experience working on large construction sites in various countries, including Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Russia. He has been at HDPF since 2016 and is a member of the management team.

arthur img 5904

Arthur Trost
Partner · Construction management

Arthur Trost completed his studies at the HTL Innsbruck and has 22 years of work experience in construction management. He acquired his knowledge through managing large projects in various countries, including Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Russia. He joined HDPF in 2016 and is a member of the management team.

Team leaders

nerea img 5471

Nerea Aranzabal
Project manager · MSc Arch ETSAUN · 044 501 44 72

sara img 5292

Sara Bucci
Project manager · MSc Arch University of Florence · 044 501 44 73

nina img 6099

Nina Kozulic
Project manager · BSc ETH Arch · 044 501 44 76

img 7506 klein

Martin Sperber
Project manager · Dipl Ing Arch FH / Dipl EPDP · 044 501 44 74

img 7411 klein

Giada Widmer
Project manager / Construction manager · Cand Technician HF · 044 501 44 71

marcel img 6217

Marcel Zufferey
Project manager · BA Arch ZFH · 044 501 44 75


parissa img 6000

Parissa Amini
Executive assistant

melisa img 5410

Melisa De Gasperin
Architect · BSc Arch University of Puebla

leila img 5491

Leila Fernandes
Architect · MSc Arch UAL

img 9949

Jeffrey Ferpozzi
Architectural draftsman

img 7250 klein

Daniela Fischlin
Architectural draftsman

img 7308 klein

Carla Ghenzi
Executive assistant

img 7323 klein

Marina Jung
Executive assistant

joao img 5973

João Petersen
Architect · MSc Arch IST Lissabon

mario img 6212

Mario Sànchez
Architect · MSc Arch ETSAG

img 7352 klein

Ramona Scheller
Architectural draftsman

reto img 5525

Reto Studer
Architect · BSc ETH Arch

img 7328 klein

Stephanie Zeulevoet
Intern · MSc Arch TU Delft

Project list

Mobiles Wohnen am Vulkanplatz
Zurich, Switzerland. Total contractor submission

Multi-family house Mittelfeldstrasse
Küsnacht, Switzerland. Project competition

Areal Horgen Oberdorf
Horgen, Switzerland. Project competition

Multi-family house
Thalwil, Switzerland. Direct commission

Facade renovation
Zuchwil, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Scheideggpark
Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

Conversion of a former post office
Oberwil, Switzerland. Direct commission

Herrliberg One
Herrliberg, Switzerland. Direct commission

Kronen Areal
Stäfa, Switzerland. Direct commission

Overbuild Birmensdorferstrasse
Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Rainstrasse
Adliswil, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Moussonstrasse
Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Alte Landstrasse
Rüschlikon, Switzerland. Direct commission

Parkside Erlenbach
Erlenbach, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Weissenbrunnenstrasse
Birmensdorf, Switzerland. Direct commission

Train station area Herrliberg-Feldmeilen
Meilen, Switzerland. Project study

Two Villas
Oberrieden, Switzerland. Direct commission

Housing complex
Wohlen, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family houses Spiegelhofstrasse
Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Schützenstrasse
Herisau, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Mettelacher
Zumikon, Switzerland. Direct commission

Kindergarten Riedmatt
Zug, Switzerland. Competition, 2nd prize

The Residence
Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

The Lakeview
Kilchberg, Switzerland. Direct commission

Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

Commercial building Steinackerstrasse
Kloten, Switzerland. Direct commission

Crematorium Thun-Schoren
Thun, Switzerland. Competition

Extension of district facilities Winterthur
Winterthur, Switzerland. Competition, 5th prize

Detached house Weierstrasse
Winterthur, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family housing Berghaldenstrasse
Pfäffikon, Switzerland. Direct commission

Zurich, Switzerland. Competition, 3rd prize

Goler market hall and bull-fighting arena
Raron, Switzerland. Competition

Multi-family house Wannenstrasse
Thalwil, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Breite
Winterthur, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Thujastrasse
Zurich, Switzerland. Project study

Multi-family housing Zollikonstrasse
Maur, Switzerland. Direct commission

Expansion of Pestalozzi primary school
Berne, Switzerland. Competition

Kindergarten Wildenstein
Rorschacherberg, Switzerland. Competition

Multi-family house Hertiweg
Bülach, Switzerland. Project study

Overbuild Am Schmittenbach
Stäfa, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Bahnhofstrasse
Zollikon, Switzerland. Project study

Multi-family house Gstadstrasse
Zollikon, Switzerland. Project study

Multi-family house Kreuzwiesen
Zurich, Switzerland. Direct commission

Overbuild Seestrasse
Erlenbach, Switzerland. Direct commission

Waldkirch House
Waldkirch, Switzerland. Built

Overbuild Kurfürstenpark
Weesen, Switzerland. Direct commission

Multi-family house Binzacker
Wetzikon, Switzerland. Built

Multi-family house Hubrainstrasse
Maur, Switzerland. Built

Villa Kunz
Herisau, Switzerland. Project study

Rayiwayi Upenyu
Norton, Zimbabwe. Project study

Chätsch House 
Rümlang, Switzerland. Built

Alti Füürwehr
Herisau, Switzerland. Competition, 1st prize

Swiss Embassy in Seoul
Seoul, South Korea. Competition

Campus Messestrasse
Vienna, Austria. Invited competition

School Rotewis
Güttingen, Switzerland. Competition

Lohner nursing and care home
Adelboden, Switzerland. Competition

A house for young people on Kolinplatz
Zug, Switzerland. Competition

Multi-family house Aldaya
Valencia, Spain. Project study

Aldingen House
Aldingen, Germany. Competition, 2nd prize

Commercial areal Bader
Aalen, Germany. Built

Hohliecht House
Zermatt, Switzerland. Project study

Meister House
Rümlang, Switzerland. Built

Gutenberg centre
Herisau, Switzerland. Competition, 1st prize. Built


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