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Inside HDPF

BMW e-drive


HDPF focuses on sustainable mobility with the BMW i3. The new vehicles are odorless and emission-free - the perfect companions in the city and surrounding area for our employees.

2nd place in competition for Riedmatt school



HDPF lands in second place in the open competition for the expansion of the Riedmatt school complex in Zug. In particular, the jury assessed the volumetric further thinking of the exisiting buildings as positive.

Excerpt from the jury report: "The project authors complement the current school building with an angular new building, which fits snugly into the existing building like a fitting piece. In the way in which this is formulated, the new configuration creates a uniform building with four re-entrant corners. Four different designed outdoor spaces are connected to each of these. The main entrances to the primary school and the kindergarten are from the north on Quartierstrasse Riedmatt. "

5th place in competition for Winterthur penitentiary



HDPF lands in 5th place in the two-stage general planner competition for the extension of the Winterthur penitentiary. In particular, the jury is able to convince the compactness and inner organization of the first expansion stage.

Excerpt from the jury report: "The authors choose the approach of readable continuing construction: The visually two-authored district building is topped up by an attic with a contrasting façade and a three-storey rectangular building is placed at the back of the railway. The fifth floor as a room expansion on the district building is well conceivable despite its inland location in the area despite adjacent Quartierhaltungszone, the lateral recesses are only justified by building law. The new prison building appears pleasantly restrained by its three-storey appearance."

3rd place in Zollhaus competition


HDPF lands in third place at the open project competition for the Zollhaus residential and commercial development. In particular, the jury praises the urban setting with a strong recognition effect.

Excerpt from the jury report: "The project Babylon convinces with an independent volumetric placement with a strong recognition effect. Like a ship landing on the edge of the Gleismeer, the building fits in. The superordinate figure is divided into two building volumes with an expressive, although the buildings partially offset the vistas laid down in the design plan, this seems tolerable thanks to the abandonment of a third building structure. The ziggurat-like exterior opens wide views of the track field for the existing residential areas along the customs and Ackerstrasse hanging gardens - are the core of the project, distributed over several levels, the outdoor space is actively inhabited and works as a meeting place for many."

Outside HDPF

Mobiles Wohnen am Vulkanplatz



On the Geerenweg site in Altstetten, the foundation for affordable and ecological apartments - Einfach Wohnen SEW is realizing a temporary settlement with 33 apartments. In addition to an innovative mix of tenants, the project enables affordable rent and living according to energetically and ecologically exemplary standard. It is expected that the apartments will be rented by Jugendwohnnetz JUWO to young people in training from autumn 2018 onwards and will be accommodated by the Zurich based organization for asylum seekers AOZ.

In a joint venture with the Austrian architect Johannes Kaufmann and the site manager Urs Schläpfer, HDPF was able to win the total contractor submission. The mobile system is created in a modular design. The wood modules are prefabricated at the production site and assembled on site.

HDPF Anthology published by Quart Verlag


We are pleased about the publication of our previous work in the series Anthology of Quart Verlag.

The Kurfürstenpark in the Zürichsee Zeitung


The Zürichsee-Zeitung reports about our project for the reconstruction of the historic Villa Kurfürst and the construction of four luxurious apartments in the Kurfürstenpark in Weesen.


Generation 2015 - Where to?



Dario Pfammatter speaks on the occasion of the lecture series "Generation 2015 - Where To?" about what drives us as a young architectural firm in our daily work.

ap35 Architecture talks


Under the title work structure, Francisco talks about the workspace as a creative workplace and the thinking and working methods of HDPF. The lecture series starts at 19:00 in the rooms of the Witzig Office Company, Neumühlequai 38, 8006 Zurich.

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